BSGNY Bulletin

The BSGNY Bulletin is now available for purchase in this new DVD. 
It contains all bulletins from 1963- 1994 for $29.95. 
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From the first issue, May, 1963:

"Bonsai Society of Greater New York was organized on February 28, 1963 through the efforts of Mr. Yuji Yoshimura and a small group of Bonsai enthusiasts...We hope that through the Bonsai Bulletin we can keep you posted on current exhibitions and classes, give practical information on the monthly care of exchange ideas and experiences and generally inform the members of the activities of other clubs and Bonsai fanciers throughout the country and world".

The DVD in the case contains PDF files of scanned copies of the Bonsai Bulletin. You will need a copy of Adobe Reader, which can be obtained through a quick web search free of charge. 

All contents of all issues are copyright by the Bonsai Society of Greater New York. No part of the publications may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the Society. 
Bonsai Bulletin 1963- 1994