The BSGNY meets monthly:

Azalea Workshop with Bob Mahler
Saturday,  June 30th, 11am - 1pm
The original Satsuki's brought from Japan last year for this workshop are not doing well, and club members who purchased one will be reimbursed.
However, Bob can still do the workshop with younger Satsuki's that will cost much less than the original trees.  The new material and workshop is available to all club memebers at a cost to be determined based on member interest.  Please reach out to Chris Arbona by June 22nd for more details and to register. (email to contact Chris)
Starkie Brothers Garden Center
Main St. 
Farmingdale, NY  

July 13th - Tropical Bonsai Workshop
Friday,  July 13th, 8-10pm
Now that spring is over and work on our conifers and deciduous trees have subsided, we can turn our attention to tropical species from more temperate climates such as Southeast Asia and South America.  These species thrive outside in the summer months and can do well indoors in the fall and through the winter months when given good light near a window (or artificial light sources).  John will supply tropical varieties and conduct the workshop.  You may Bring Your Own Tree(s) and/or order from John.  The variety of tree will depend on how much light you can supply to your tropical tree.  East facing light, Bougie, Ficus or Serissa, while South facing, Portulacaria or Chinese Elm. Tree cost is $25 which includes wire and soil for an additional $10 you will also receive a container.  For BYOT the workshop will be less as it will only be for wire and soil.  If you need to order a tree, contact John no later than July 3rd. (email contact for John)
William Odol Community Center 
Ritter Avenue
Massapequa, NY 11758