Bonsai Society of Greater New York

The magic of Yuji Yoshimura, the founder of the Bonsai Society of Greater New York, and the man who brought bonsai to the US went beyond his well known genius as a bonsai artist. Mr. Y, as he was called by his students, did more than introduce the trees to Americans. He made bonsai accessible for all. While he himself was a Japanese bonsai master, born into bonsai, he believed that bonsai should not be a restricted art, but rather one that should be open to the world.

At the BSGNY, we believe no one is ever too "green", or too "knowledgeable", to be part of our society. For the experienced bonsai enthusiast, it's the perfect place to exchange valuable experiences in bonsai care and growth. For the novice who wants to learn a few things about the art, our society has members with decades of bonsai experience. Especially, in growing trees suitable for the New York Metropolitan region. These experienced bonsai members are always glad to provide help and answers to any bonsai related questions.

On this site you will find information about our current activities and future plans, as well as a membership application. From time to time, we invite bonsai masters from throughout the world to speak at our meetings. In addition, exciting workshops are always available for our members on a variety of topics. After all, nothing beats learning through hands-on experience. Please visit our site regularly as our schedule and programs are always being updated.